The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ticket Tracker

Ported from Old Blog, side-project

It’s here! It’s here! The one and only the Ellen DeGeneres Show ticket tracker.


I started this project a few days before final exam. I had been checking Ellen’s ticket page almost every other hour till I realized that it was time to make a script do it for me. The idea is simple - check that page every 10 minutes and send me an email when new tickets become available.

Throughout this winter break, I continue adding more features and it has evolved from a simple script (rake task, to be exact) to a nearly-done web app that other people can use. If I find my own app super useful, there probably are other people who will use it right?

Choose ticket dates to track:


Email notification isn’t ugly too!


Built with Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap and a lot of love for Ellen.

Notable gems:

  1. Nokogiri - scrape
  2. Gon - pass rails variable to javascript
  3. Devise - admin authentication
  4. twitter-bootstrap-rails